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to get love
for money
is to buy a dog.
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Jack's Town
The success of our offspring
in the world

End of breeding JRT

17 Feb 2020 /

Well for a such long time thinking about we made a finally decision, for end of breeding of Jack Russell. We have to come of way, which where not easy, not cheepest, but best for this breed and for my conscience and with faith in the best results. Not everytimes we did right, becasue nature has last words to do.

Happy New Year 2019

11 Jan 2019 /

We wish all of my friends all the best, much more health, love and success in New Year 2019.

So Guliver gone to new home

11 Jan 2019 /

So Gulliverek wait at home a little bitt long time, than other sisters, so therfore we very welcome posibilites of co-ownering by me and his new family from Pilsen, CZ. We try to some shows and maby someting more. But now I wish him lucky and loving home.

4 Dec 2018 /

On Saturday we were all day on way and it was big adventures for us. We travelled to Hrrachov with Genesis, there waiting for her for pick up her a transport to their new home in Lativa. During a journey, about 30 kilometres in front of the Harrach calling me a new owner of Genesis, that she changed a decision and that she would like to buy a next girl Goya. So she would like to buy both girls.....

DOG EXPO Prague 2018

4 Dec 2018 /

This weekend were last dog show fot his year in Prague. In open class were entries two of my puppies from litter F. Thanks a lot for the great presentation my dog´s kids.... XXXV. Dog Expo Prague, CZ - Four Roses Jack´s Town Exc.1 CAC, res.CACIB and Finlandia Jack´s Town Exc.2, res. CAC , judge M. Václavík.

Succes of our progeny in Philipines

23 Nov 2018 /

Grand son of my Bubbles from B Jack´s Town litter have got great result from Philipines show for all year. So now become finaly date from Philipines kennel club. Our grand soon is 1st JRT and 2nd best terier 2018 in Philipines!!! Congratulation to breeder and owners! I m so proud of you!!

Our Duncan as a star of teather

14 Nov 2018 /

I must show off with our Duncan from D litter. He lives in Prague and makethe company to his owner everythime  and in every situation. Not only that he finished a caisterpahy exams for second times, and than he can going to diabilities children to day hospital, but he can stay as a model for made a pictures for the poster of new based Kytice, which introduce National tather in Prague. We are sou proud of him!

Grammy and Glowy gone to their new home

2 Nov 2018 /

To nwe familly gone our first two girls, Grammy will be live in north of Czech in very nice familly, as a second gone to our friend Katka Rovenská Glowy. Both girls are doing well.

We already see!

30 Aug 2018 /

Pupps are growing up so fast, they are already see giving them the best care and thefore they have to many power for moving, they try to stand on own legs and walking.

We have got a pupps!

21 Aug 2018 /

Since a week ago we have a long time upcoming litter G. We got five pupps, four girls and one male. They are doing well, mummy giving them the best care and love. Someones from them are free to reservation. Feel free to contact me on private messidge, or by phone. 

Pragnancy confirmed!

23 Jul 2018 /

We´ve got a pregnancy confirmed, today 38 days....our Kenzi become as a mom in first time. Puppies we awaiting in the middle of August. We accepting a reservaion for this litter.

We´ll have got a puppies

7 Jun 2018 /

Our youngest female Kenzi will be a pregnant a soon. Sired by this litter "G" become amazing a nad sucessfull male. This very promissing litter we avaiting on half of August.

DumDum Jack´sTown

22 Sep 2017 /

Our little girl from D litter, DumDum Jack´s Town, she live in French kennel is confirmed of pregnancy. Sired is very succefull male Trophy Again Dell'Isola Dei Baroni. For more information feel free to contact her owners Joelle Hisleur a Irina Moskaleva...

Benjamin Jack´s Town

22 Sep 2017 /

Other son of our Erin, Benjamin Jack´s Town spend a very succefull summer. He won many new BOB and many BOG show appreciation in ring. And therfore he got next two tittles Champion KFT and Chmapion VDH, so become INTERCHAMPION and he is MULTICHAMPION yet like his mother Erin! Benjamin is stud male!

Kenzi´s health tests

22 Sep 2017 /

Including a club show in Konopiště was health tests. So we were with our Kenzi on all tests there and here is results: :-)

BAER test +/+, PRA+ Lens Luxation - clear, Patellas 0/0, LOA+SCA - clear

Club show Konopiště, CZ 2017

22 Sep 2017 /

A traditionaly the moste lovely show in Czech, club show PJRT in Konopiště castle, CZ. First time we showed in interm.class our Kenzi and she got excellent result and Excl.2, res.CAC between 12 females in class, super result!

Junior Champion SK

22 Sep 2017 /

On June 2017 we were in Slovakia on  the three days long Nitra dog show with our youngest female Kenzi, so we did it egain like with Asha a three years ago. In three days we got three CAJC from three judges and next three Junior BOB. So we finished a rules for our first tittle Junior Champion of Slovak!

Summer 2017

22 Sep 2017 /

The summer was gone, and I were off line here a long time. So now I would like to adding her a lot of new picture of our dogs and their progens with grerat show result.

IDS České Budějovice

22 Apr 2017 /

Today very nice and very fast show in České Budějovice, CZ. Lovely meeting point with friends and more than better show result for our young Kenzi, first time on young class and she were in show ring simply the great. She got Excellet1 CAJC.

So Harry left home too....

20 Feb 2017 /

Our last puppy Harry leave home on this weekend. He will be live in small kennel Qoud Bonum in Prague. They where bred PRT till this time and Harry will be first member this familly kennel with a short legs. So we wish them all the best and good luck.

So the last gril left us, and gone to new home

2 Feb 2017 /

On Saturday come to me very friendly familly from Šenov, for the our last girl named Rozárka. Made a decision to be as a co-owner with them my friend Jiřina Mičulková from Bohemian Touch Kennel. Rozárka will be live in familly house with next Russell girl friend named Meg and two beautiful kids. Hopefuly we´ll meet all together on some shows in future times. So now we crossed fingers and good luck my dear <3

Two pupps are at their nwe home

22 Jan 2017 /

On Wensday and Saturday gone to new home our two pupps from litter F. Fred living in Písek, South Bohemia in very friendly familly and Finy are in small kennel Moon Hunter. We wish both a lot of happy and unforgettable moments with thier new familly. 

CACIB Norimberk

9 Jan 2017 /

On Saturday we had a terrible trip to Norimberg show, during the travel had snowing and -20C degrees. On list we become on 3 pm. A tragic judge with impassability personality Mrs. Von Kralik. For me never more! We got Excellent 2, res.CAJC VDH and on 4 pm we gone home.

Fotoshop of F litter

9 Jan 2017 /

Yesterday we had a great visit at home and big helper with made a new picture of the pupps. Thank you so much Katka.

F pupps growing up well

3 Jan 2017 /

Our littter F have sedm weeks old. Growing up very well, they got first vacccination and chiped. They can slowly go out to their new home. All are available for sale. More info by phone or email messidge.

We have new born pupps!!!

11 Nov 2016 /

Yesterday early morning was born our last litter in this year. We have four beautiful pupps, two girl and two boys. All are doing well!

We have upcoming F litter!!

12 Oct 2016 /

We are proudly to announce our new upcoming litter. Since today we have confirmed pregnancy of C.I.B.MCh. Erin Blue Lemon x C.I.B.MCh. Seven Roman Hills Di Sutri. Pupps will be born in first half of  November. This litter it will propably last out of our multichampion female. On sono screening we saw six pupps, so it could be big litter and many change for choice.

Our next pupypy is Multichampion!!

6 Oct 2016 /

Our sixth in line dog from my kennel become a new title as a Multichampion. Now is it male from litter D - Dorian Grey. In Autumn show he won three times CAC and two times res.CACIB. Many congratulation!!


6 Oct 2016 /

The winnig line og our Benji through a show rings is continued......last weekend National show in Poland won BOS. Congratulation!!

Next succes our litters

8 Sep 2016 /

We are soooo happy from next succes of our dog´s babies. Angel Sky aka Marusja from litter A finished next title in long line of tittles.....Polish champion. Her half brother Bnejamin got new tittle of Interchampion. Since now he can using new signature C.I.B.Ch. Benjamin Jack´s Town. We crossed fingers and big congratulation to all, I m so proud breeder! Thank you for great presentation our kennel!!!

Last puppy leave a home

30 Aug 2016 /

So Stela today leave our kennel and fly to far away to Idaho in USA. There are waiting for her new loving family. Good luck our sweete and sefe journey.

Special JRT and PRT show Konopiště 2016

31 Jul 2016 /

Lovely special dog show JRT and PRT Konopiště 2016 , 30/7,CZ our C.I.B. MCh. Erin Blue Lemon in champion class 1/4 - got Exc.1 CAC, CC, and first time on show ring Kinky Kenzi Z Jeřeně in baby class 1/10 - got VP1, best female baby. I m sooooo proud of them.....thank you for nice show to Kateřina Rovenská and all her show team, great job like everytime!!

World Dog Show Moscow 2016

28 Jun 2016 /

What a great weekend for my kennel. Female fom first A litter where in WDS in Moscow with amazing result for all days.....23.06.2016-«INTERRA MOSCOW 2016»-j. RUI OLIVEIRA (PORTUGAL)-ex.2
24.06.2016-«WORLD DOG SHOW – 2016»-j. RAFAEL MALO ALCRUDO (SPAIN)-ex.2, R.CAC.
25.06.2016-«National Specialty Russell Terriers Show»-J. ANDRASH KOROSH (Hungary) -ех.CW, CAC, BREED CHAMPION

For great representation, love and best care big thanks  to Irirna <3

Eagl´s Rock is at new home.

17 Jun 2016 /

Last week left our kennel our first boy from actual E litter, Rocco. She gone to new familly not to far, near by Králův Dvůr in CZ. He live with great people and with big cat male, named Béďa. We wish him a long and happy dog´s life.

Benajmin finished title of Interchampion!!

17 Jun 2016 /

We got a great news from owners of our Bnejamin from Poland. Bnejamin only in two and half yeras old finished title of Intechampion. We are very happy and proud of him, so big congratulation to all!!

Our Dorian scored at home in Cyprus.....

3 Jun 2016 /

Our Dorian finished new title in adult class and become new Champion of Cyprus, Afrodita Show Winner and he got : 4x CAC - CACIB - 3XBOS -BOB-R.BEST IN GROUP 3. We are soo happy, congratulation to his owner!

Show succes our progeny

3 Jun 2016 /

I must adding here as a proud breeder big succes of our progeny. Our puppy from litter B - Benjamin Jack´s Town won those show results: Polish Champion
Polish Club Winner'16, Best JRT'15, Best Dog in Szczecin'15, 1x3BIS 3x1BOG 1x2BOG 1x3BOG 1x4BOG, 13xBOB 7xCACIB 17xCWC ! Many congrats!!

Ou adult female for sale

25 May 2016 /

We offer for show, future breeding and to loving home adult female Dream Comes True Jack´s Town (C.I.B.MCh.TouchStar Private Collection and JunMCh. Seven Wonders Di Sutri) - 17 month old, 27 sm, full month of teeth. with nice personality. All time she was kept in family home with childrens and next dog. She is healthy by parentage (both are tested on PL, PLL, LOA, SCA, Baer test). Moore info in PM 

E litter

12 May 2016 /

Puppies are doing well, they are only two, so they have a lot of milk. They growing up very fast. They have weight more than one kilo, so I think that everything is OK :-)

We have new born pupps!!!

27 Apr 2016 /

23.4.2016 was born our first long expected E litter. We have one beautifulgirland one brave boy. Happy parents bcome our youngeest female  Jun.MCh. Seven Wonders Di Sutri a JEUW JCh. Flash Jack Bohemi Touch.

We getting a pregnancy confirmed

4 Apr 2016 /

Asha is 45 days of pregnancy. so we have almost twenty days to go. So day by day she has big and bilovely belly. In sono screening we seen not a big litter, but we hope that pupps will be simply the perfect. Now we accept reservation on them.

Upcoming spring litter....

28 Feb 2016 /

So we had been mated our youngest feamle Seven Wonders Di Sutri aka Asha. and daddy of pupps become Junior europa Winner - Jack Flash Bohemian Touch. New "E" litter expected on end of April. We can´t wait them....:-)

Spring pupps....2016

21 Feb 2016 /

Our first litter for this year we expected on second half of April, we can´t wait them. Mother become our youngest female Asha (Multi JCh. Seven Wonders Di Sutri) and Flash (JCh.Jun.EW14 Flash Jack Bohemian Touch). Now we waiting  for the confirmof pregnancy.....<3

Nurnberk 2016

16 Jan 2016 /

Last weekend we spend on second days long show in Germany´s Norimberk with my oldest female Erin. This was her last show in life...I hope :-).

PF 2016

2 Jan 2016 /

To all of our friends, owners of our pupies and their dog´s friends, many pendingtime alltogether with a feeling of great pleasure and happiness in New Year 2016....

first succes our last puppies on the shows

9 Jun 2015 /

In to the each section on webpage I put highlights from first show times our last puppy from litter C and D. And that is all doing very well...Coffee Latté Jack´s Town in Kiev - Baby BOB, II.Baby BIG, Dorian Gray Jack´s Town his first show on Cyprus 3x Baby BOB, IV. BIG and DumDum Jack´s Town on her first show in Lyon Baby BOB a I.BIG!!!! To all owners my big hugs and many many congratulation from proud breeder!!

Calimero went to his new home......

28 Apr 2015 /

Our crumb Calimero todayflew with his new owner to far away Mexico, we wish him all the best....from Ukraina, where live our Coffe Latté arived happy news, on his first show he got  Reserve Best in Group Baby....many congrats to Ekateryna! Next our puppy from litter A - Marusja on show in Kaliningrad won BOB and her daughter, Erin´s granddaugter got Best in Show Baby!!! Well done!!

Happy Easter

6 Apr 2015 /

All of our friends and mainly owners of our puppy from litter A, B, C and D we wish beatufull celbrating Spring time and Happy Easter day to all....:-)

Another three pupps are in new home

18 Mar 2015 /

This weekend was signed travelling for us. On Sunday we loaded to the car our last girls...Divine, DumDum and Cassiopeia and gone thrue the all Germany to Netherlands.

Duncan gone to his new family

12 Mar 2015 /

As a thirth gone to his new home our little Duncan, he will be live with two masters in Prag, Czech Republic. Good luck Duncan...:-)

Last weeks at home......

15 Feb 2015 /

So our litters have nine weeks old. Next week we planed seconf vaccination and have to count last days at home alltogether. For eight days later go to new famillies three females.

Caramel Cookie gone to his familly.....

7 Feb 2015 /

So today leave our home next puppy, our lover Cramel Cookie. He´s gone to Prague familly and mainly Barbora as his owner. Many time he he will spent with next three frends of JRT in the same familly. We wish him the best dogs life and many happy days with alltogether. 

First pupps gone to her new home

4 Feb 2015 /

Our Dream today gone to her new home, where waiting for her new frends, our giirl from B litter - Bubbles. Dream I keeping by myself as a co-owner, and I happy to see her on shows. 

Our grandchildren...

3 Feb 2015 /

I must put here the beautiful pics of tricolor males out of our female from litter A and daughter of our Erin. Pupps was born in Port Fortis Kennel in Russia. There are last male available when should be somebody interest about him, please contact me on mail.

Junior champion of VDH

17 Jan 2015 /

Today arived new title for our female Seven Wonders Di Sutri she finished rules for it last year in Germany. For big help I would like to thanks to Mr. Bauer. Seven Wonders is champion of three countries and she can using officially title Junior Multichampion.

litter C and D

13 Jan 2015 /

Our pupps have five weeks old. They are doing well and growing up very nice. They are waiting for their first vaccination this week. Litter D is almost reserved. In litter C are still available lovely pupps. For more information feel free to contact me on mail....

Merry Christmas

24 Dec 2014 /

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 to all our friends from Jack´s Town Kennel Eva and Jaomír Pecl´s.

New pics of litter C and D

20 Dec 2014 /

Today we had a photography day. Pupps are two weeks old, all opened their eyes and growing up and doing very well. Our bog fighter Crum Calimero is only on mother milk without another eating.Some of them are have reservation without deposit, each of them are available. For more information feel free contact me.

our Bubble from litter B

12 Dec 2014 /

Our female from litter B - Bizzy Jack´s Town aka Bubbles :-)

Litter D

8 Dec 2014 /

Our very importatnt litter of the year is coming. This night was born a beautifull pupps out of Call and our Asha. Babies are doing very well.